Lemon Law – Know your rights

How to set up a lemon law case

We have a lot of rights both under federal and state law.

Basically under most state laws, a lemon is a vehicle that under warranty has had a problem in the first 12 months or under 12k miles, in some cases even longer and has not been repaired in a reasonable period of time.

The dealership has the opportunity to fix them, if not the manufacturer has to buy back the car or provide a new vehicle to the customer

There is a need for Lemon Law because like not all the tv aren’t perfect, neither do cars. If this law would not exist and the manufacturer will not be bound by it, the manufacturer can do whatever they want at the expense of the consumer. With this law, consumers are really entitled to get what they paid for, be it a new car or the money back that they paid for it.
Limes Altered

And actually if the client has submitted the claim on time and the manufacturer has not dealt with the issue fairly, the consumer can get paid back the attorney fees and any other costs associated with the case.

There are other instances where the damage is minor, and even for these smaller problems, if there is a failure from the manufacturer to repair you r car in a reasonable period of time, for example if there is a part that need to be replaced and you had to wait weeks or months without the ability to drive your car, because your car is not drive able or the car has been impaired during that period of time, you are entitle to a refund.

I am always amazed to the lack of knowledge the consumers have about this law and what they are entitled to. We should be looking at our invoices and keep the record of repairs.

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